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Idli Roast…

Many houses have a weekend ritual when it comes to food.. specially since its the weekend..  all want something special which is available in abundance to indulge on.. 🙂 .. Idli’s or Masala dosa or Appams used to be prepared in our house as the breakfast ritual.. Whenever idli’s used to be prepared at home, they would be made in bulk. I say bulk.. 😛 it would be normal to prepare the amount mum used to prepare but, since we are such poor eaters… I used to think.. aaaah why do we have so many idli’s are we feeding the neighbours as well… !!! Well, fussy kids that we were, Mum had to disguise them the next day just so that it’s not the same monotonous breakfast. We used to love it.. & we still do. You should try them. They are very crispy and tasty.

As a kid, I hated Idli’s. Once I moved out of my house for studies and started living in the hostel I realised that Idli’s are yummy & healthy.. they taste  awesome when they are just out of the steamer…. & it is makes a good accompaniment for anything that you can think of…  you can eat it with jam, sugar, ghee, any kind of chutney, sambar, dal, pickle, veg or non-veg curry or even the dry chutney powders that you get which are mixed with a little oil or ghee, famously known as chutney pudi.. … Believe it or not, my brother used to dip Idli’s in tea & a cousin used to dip them in coffee… yes, just about anything you can think of will go well with them. 🙂

Ingredients: (Serves 2)          Preparation Time: 10 mins
Idli – 4
Oil/ghee – 4 tbsp Tip: I would suggest you use ghee… it tastes best that way.. 🙂

Cut each idli into 2 by slicing it from the middle.
Heat a tbsp of oil on the frying pan. Add around 4 pieces of the Idli’s and roast them on medium heat. Add some more oil on the upper side of idli’s, turn them over and roast them till they turn golden brown.

Alternatively you can use a sandwich grill if you have one or use the grill mode of your oven or microwave oven.

Serving Suggestions:
Serve hot with any chutney of your choice or ketchup.


6 thoughts on “Idli Roast…

  1. Hi Anitha, Have you tried the roast by applying a paste of chilli powder, salt, oil, water & hing.. apply it on both sides & then fry with oil. This is eaten with a dollop of butter on them..yummm its my fav


    1. As a kid I did not fancy Idli’s as well.. but then my mum used to make this for me.. this was the only form of Idli which I willingly ate.. 🙂 You should try them out.. you will love them.. !


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