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Greens marinated Chicken-Curry with a Goan twist to it…

“Its been a while..” hmmmm… while I think what to write next.. & I kept staring at “Its been a while”… it reminded me of the number by the band – Staind..! nothing to do with the mood of the song.. it’s just the name of the song!

Sadly…I have no pictures for this post.. but let me tell you.. Take my word for it.. give this recipe a shot over this weekend.. & I’m sure it will make your tummy feel good…real good..!! :D Now moving on to why there are no pics for this post… its a no brainer.. it is simple.. “It is HOT!!!” rather boiling here in Bangalore.. n when I’m done with cooking, all I want to do is head for a quick shower..! The evening showers of rain do make the days hotter..! I will get down to clicking pictures as soon as I get a chance to cook this again..!

After my fortnight long vacation in Mumbai.. the Bombay sandwiches, vada pav, sheekh kebab’s, the chicken rolls, the fish curry’s Pav bhaji etc. all that food hangs on back to me on my body like memories from the trip!..A bad simile huh??? Yup I’m the fattest ever..! Now that i’m back… my lunch is usually a large bowl of salads with some skinny dressing. A bowl of sprouts for a snack… a cup of green tea & cereals for breakfast… no more paratha’s or dosa’s for me till I shed some weight!.. Only boiled meat/fish… Dieting alone doesn’t help.. does it??? So, I have started exercising as well.. Hope to get back into shape soon.. Poor K also eats almost what I eat.. :( I knew K was craving for some good chicken curry, he was not going to tell me that since he was helping me keep up with my diet.. I thought I’d make him something that has greens..since he makes quite a fuss to eat spinach most times, I schemingly disguised & marinated the meat with a paste made of greens. When you see the curry you wouldn’t know it has greens.. A good way to make your family eat some greens I must say :D

My head was going to burst thinking of a name to call this curry, this is something that just made its way into my mind.. The ingredients just blended so well that I knew I had to post it with the stupidest name that I come up with.. Since I have used vinegar in this curry and vinegar is abundant in the Goan cuisine.. I decided to call this the “Greens marinated Chicken curry with a Goan twist”… :D

Ingredients: (Serves 3-4)            Preparation Time: 30 mins (Marination time not included)
Chicken – 500 gms, curry cut, skinless, washed & drained; You can use 400 gms of boneless chicken cut into chunks/strips.

For the Chicken Marinade:
Palak/Spinach – a small bunch, washed & drained
Garlic – 5-6 plump cloves, peeled & roughly chopped
Coriander leaves – 5-6 sprigs, washed & drained
Mint leaves – 10 – 12 medium-sized leaves
Cashews – 4-5 whole, soaked in about 50ml water
Freshly crushed black peppercorns – 1/4 tsp
Vinegar – 1 tsp
Salt to taste

For the curry:
Mace – 1/4 of a whole flower
Cloves – 4 whole
Cinnamon – 1/2 inch piece
Bay leaf – 1 small leaf roughly torn
Green Cardamom – 4 small, roughly crushed
Onion – 2 medium-sized, finely chopped
Tomatoes – 2, medium-sized, finely chopped
Ginger – 1 inch piece, finely minced
Sugar – 1/2 tsp
Turmeric powder – a pinch
Coriander powder – 1.5 tsp
Cumin powder – 3/4 tsp
Red Chilli powder – 1/2 – 3/4 tsp
Freshly crushed black peppercorns – 1/4 tsp
Vinegar – 1 – 1.5 tsp
Cooking oil – 1 tbsp
Ghee/Clarified butter – 1.tbsp
Salt to taste

Make a fine paste using all the ingredients mentioned for the marinade. Liberally coat the washed chicken pieces with the freshly made marinade of greens. Let the chicken marinate for at least 40 mins covered in the refrigerator.

When the chicken has marinated, chop & prep all the rest of the ingredients. Heat oil & clarified butter together in a kadai/deep bottom fry pan. When hot add the dry spices – mace, cloves, cinnamon, bay leaf, green cardamom. Maintain heat at medium. Let the spices let out their flavour into the oil for a minute or two. Add the chopped onions & throw in a pinch of salt to help fry the onions quicker. Fry till the onions turns translucent. Add the ginger in & fry for a couple of minutes. Now add all the spice powders – turmeric, coriander , cumin, red chilli powder. Mix well & let them fry for a couple of minutes. Next add the chopped tomatoes & toss them around till they begin to loosen up. By now the raw flavours of the spice powders should begin to fade away. Add the vinegar, mix. Add the sugar, I love to add some sugar in some curry’s because it just takes the flavours to another level.Throw in the marinated chicken pieces along with any left over marinade. Mix well. Add a cup of water, salt to taste, mix well. When the water begins to bubble add the crushed black peppercorns, mix well & simmer. Let the chicken cook & absorb all the flavours.

Note: You don’t need to add water if you want to make this a dry dish.

Check on the dish once in every 5 minutes. Add more water if required. Once the chicken is tender, turn off the heat.

Garnishing: (Optional)
Garnish with chopped coriander if you wish to.

Serving Suggestions:
Serve hot with bread, steamed rice, chapati’s, roti’s idli’s; basically anything that you can gobble a good chicken curry with. :D

I did indulge in a bit of the curry with a slice of bread..! Couldn’t stop my nose from sending signals to my brain about wanting the curry. My brain just gave up when the signals kept bombarding it! hehehhe… ! An extra 10 minutes of exercise hmmmph.. !   

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Karuveppilai/kadipatta/curry leaves chicken……

Karuveppilai/kadipatta/curry leaves chicken……

I’m visiting Mangalore after about 2 years. Feels awesome being home. All the lazing around, the silence (hate the traffic noise all over Bangalore, you rarely find a place where it is quiet unless you have noise eliminating windows fitted), all yummy food you get at home & small quaint places around. My little brother is an encyclopaedia & he has a list of the best dish on the menu for almost every good eatery/restaurants around. Since I left to Manipal to attend University I never had the opportunity to explore all the places where my brother frequented.

Mum prepares such amazing food which I miss so much that I hardly go out to eat when in Mangalore. I stuffed myself so much with breakfast & lunch that I could not eat anything as an evening snack  & I skipped dinner as well. This is what I end up doing when I’m back home- hog, hog & hog even more.

Karuveppilai/kadipatta/curry leaves chicken……

This recipe is from my mums recipe trove. This dish is infused with lovely flavours from Tamil Nadu. You could adjust this recipe based on your taste to have loads of runny curry or a thick curry or make it dry as a starter. Even though this recipe uses very few ingredients it tastes amazing with rice/chapati’s or even as a starter.

Karuveppilai/kadipatta/curry leaves chicken……

Ingredients: (Serves 2-3)     Preparation Time: 20 mins
Chicken – 500 gms curry cut pieces
Ginger – 1 inch piece
Garlic – 3-4 cloves
Yogurt – 1 tbsp
Red onion – 1 medium-sized, diced
Red chilli powder – 1/2-1 tsp
Salt to taste

Some of the ingredients..

For the freshly ground paste:
Grated Coconut – 1 cup
Green chilli’s – 8 slit
Curry leaves – 10 sprigs + a few for garnishing
Cooking oil – 2 tbsp
Cumin seeds – 1 tsp

Prepare a fresh paste out of the ginger & garlic. Wash & drain the chicken. Marinate the chicken with the yogurt, the freshly prepared ginger garlic paste & some salt. Let the chicken marinate for about at least 30 minutes.

While the chicken gets marinated, we can prepping up for the paste. Heat a tbsp of oil in a small fry pan. Once it heats up, reduce the heat to low, add the cumin seeds & let it sizzle & then add the green chilli’s. Now add the curry leaves & the coconut. Fry till the grated coconut begins to turn light brown.

Fry the ingredients for the paste..

Turn the heat off & let it cool before you grind this to a smooth paste.

Freshly grated coconut & curry leaves paste..

Add the 1 tbsp of oil to a pot & heat it. Once the oil is hot, reduce the heat to medium & throw in the onions along with some salt. Once the onions turn translucent add the marinated chicken & toss the chicken till the meat turns white.

Fry the chicken till the meat turns white..

Now add the freshly ground curry leaves & coconut paste. Mix it well.

Add the freshly ground paste..

Note: Remember that the chicken also lets out some water as it cooks..

Season with salt & add red chilli powder. Simmer & cook till the raw flavours fade away, adjust the thickness of the curry as per your requirement. Once the oil separates from the curry, check if the chicken is cooked & turn the heat off once it is.

Garnish with some curry leaves.

Serving Suggestions:
Now serve hot with your choice of accompaniment like rice/chapati’s or as a starter.

Karuveppilai/kadipatta/curry leaves chicken……

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Kori Ghassi/Mangalorean style chicken curry

Kori Ghassi/Mangalorean style chicken curry..

Again K to the rescue for this recipe. I clicked the pics but he helped in preparing it.. My necks still stiff though.. went & saw a doctor yesterday,, I’m on some meds now.. hope to get well soon & back into action.. feel so tied up.. a fully filled pantry & I’m lying down, not allowed to cook.. asked to rest… sigh.. :( its torture.. !!!

This curry is my quick version.. I used coconut milk powder as K was not in the mood to grate coconuts.. but it turned out very similar to the curry when you prepare it with fresh coconut.. This dish is popular in Mangalore & the regions around. A dish made by the Tulu speaking community called the Bunts.. Very coconuty & flavourful, not to mention that the dish is hot as well..

Kori Ghassi/Mangalorean style chicken curry...

Is a very good accompaniment with rice/rotti/sanna’s/neer dosa…when you are lazy to prepare any of these you can eat this with some bread as well….. We had this with some rotti (wafer thin dried rice sheets broken roughly & eaten soaked with some curry, again a Mangalorean/Bunt speciality.. called Kori Rotti.)..

Anyways let’s go ahead with the recipe.. since I’m not allowed to sit for long with the laptop..

Ingredients: (Serves 4) Preparation Time: 20 mins
Chicken – 500 gms on the bone, curry cut pieces, washed & kept aside
Coconut milk powder – 6-7 tbsp, dissolved in about 500 ml water, make sure there are no lumps, I used Maggi coconut Milk powder, the original recipe calls for grated coconut.. you can freshly grate about 3/4 of a medium-sized coconut & use it instead of coconut milk.. But if you do.. then grind it along with the other ingredients mentioned for the paste..
Turmeric – a pinch
Onion – 1 medium-sized, finely diced, divide this into 2 portions
Curry leaves – 2 sprigs, roughly about 12-15 leaves
Garam Masala powder – 1/4-1/2 tsp, based on the dried red chilli’s you used. Use 1/4 if the curry is already hot, else add 1/2 tsp
Coconut oil – 1 tbsp, substitute this with normal cooking oil if you do not like to use coconut oil in your cooking… I used this as it gives this dish its authentic flavour
Salt to taste

For the masala:
Garlic – half a pod, roughly about 8 cloves peeled,
Tamarind – 1 marble sized piece, without seeds
Dried red chilli’s – 4 of byadgi/Kashmiri chilli’s for the colour & 8 of medium spicy variety
Coriander seeds – 2 tsp
Cumin seeds – 2 tsp
Fenugreek seeds – 1 tsp
Black pepper corns – 8 in number
Cinnamon stick – a small piece, about a quarter of an inch
Cloves – 2 whole

Some of the ingredients for the paste..

Heat a fry pan, dry roast all the ingredients mentioned for the masala, except the tamarind.. one by one.. let them turn a light brown. Do not let them turn black.Keep them aside so that they cool down..

Heat oil in a pot, set the heat to medium. Add one half of the onions & let them fry till they turn translucent. Add some salt to fasten this process.

Meanwhile add all the ingredients mentioned for the paste which were dry roasted, along with the tamarind to a blender jar & grind them to a smooth paste. Do not add water while you grind..

By now the onions would have turned translucent. add a pinch of turmeric & add the ground masala and fry this masala with the onions for a minute or two… lower heat so that the masala does not burn..Roughly tear one half of the curry leaves & add them to this.. fry for another minute…Now add the chicken pieces & mix them well in the masala.. after about a couple of minutes add the coconut milk..increase the heat to medium if you had lowered it earlier. Let the curry come to a boil… add salt to taste..mix well.. cook till the raw flavours fade away & the chicken is cooked tender..

Before turning off the heat, in a fry pan fry the rest of the onions kept aside till golden brown.. add curry leaves & add this tempering to the curry… turn off the heat..

Garnishing: (Optoional)
You can garnish with some chopped coriander leaves if you wish to..

Serving Suggestions:
Serves as a very good accompaniment for Rotti/Steamed Rice/Neer Dosa/Sanna’s…

Kori Ghassi/Mangalorean style chicken curry..

Enjoy hot…!!

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