Bringing Imagination to your Cooking…!!!

Desserts/Sweet Dishes…

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1. Lime n Lemon Cheesecake Pots

2. Caramel Custard

3. Gaajar Halwa/ Carrot Halwa

4. Muhallabia.. a Lebanese sweet dish….

5. Madgane – one of the quintessential Konkani Payasam/sweet-dish….

6. Celebration Post – Super moist, Venetian Carrot Cake

7. Charmure Undo.. A guest post by Manjula..

8. Kesar Elaichi Shrikhand.. A Diwali Special post..

2 responses

  1. Shirley Fernandes

    Keli paan is a real good cooking site. I have tried Shahi paneer, aloo chole chaat, strawberry lassi and the cauliflower recipe and many more it all turned very yummy. You have taken great consideration in adding veg. and non-veg. dishes, thumbs up to that. Could you or rather may you add some great recipes for kids as my kiddo is kinda fussy n doesn’t eat spicy food. Another item in the menu list would be really appreciated.
    Thanks and keep up the lovely work.

    March 24, 2014 at 9:40 am

    • Hi Shirley thanks for stopping by & letting me know that you been following my blog & trying dishes out of it. These small notes really push me to do better & better. :) cheers!

      I have been getting requests from a few other followers too asking me to add a kiddie lover recipes.. I never think with a kid in mind when I think of food as I don’t have one.. :) but I’ll surely begin adding some that may interest kids.. :) it will be great if you can tell me more so that it can help me..

      March 24, 2014 at 5:33 pm

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