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Bandha Kopi r Torkari – Bangali Style Cabbage tossed with spices..

Bandha Kopi r Torkari - Bangali Style Cabbage tossed with spices...

If you have liked the Keli Paan Facebook page you would get updates on various things that we discuss on the page… A few days back I had put up a status asking people what’s their favourite dish out of Cabbage… & loads of people replied with their favourites.. most of which I had already tried out… This was one such thing that I had never heard of, or tried.. So asked this Bengali friend – Debasmita Dutta to send me the recipe..

Bengal is a lovely state filled with lovely people, it’s a culture rich state.. This state is a central eastern part of India.. People love food, music, dance, poetry & the list goes on & on. Calcutta is the capital of this state. I have never visited Bengal or any part of that state, I hope I get to soon though. I would have had a chance to visit this & I missed the opportunity since I was here in Glasgow.. The very friend who sent me this recipe.. It was her wedding.. Her husband & I studied together in Manipal & their wedding took place in Calcutta, earlier this year… I have heard you fall in love with that lovely city.. it has a charm of its own & of course for a foodie like me its heaven.. :) The Rosagulla’s & a whole long list of Bengali sweets.. (I’ll let you in a small secret..I love Bengali sweets.. even though I don’t have a sweet tooth.. ) Puchka’s, rolls.. their evening snacks… sigh.. only heard from friends & seen them in movies.. :)

My FIL & I love cabbage.. but K hates it.. So it was usually prepared when my MIL had time to make something extra for K, else he made a face to have the dish out of cabbage.. It’s always a pity that sometimes things that you really like are rarely prepared because others at home don’t fancy it or won’t eat it.. In this busy world who has the time to make an elaborate lunch with 2 side dishes… Cabbage is quick to prepare.. absorbs flavours quickly & I really like eating Cabbage as a side dish during a meal… SIGH!

This dish has a lovely blend of different flavours, its hot, its spicy, wee bit sweet & sour… & these flavours have blended so well.. that really surprised me, since the ingredients are similar to the ones you use in any Indian recipe.. just that the process is a little different from your usual sabji’s.. here you cook the cabbage separately & add it to the masala .. I’m sure all you cabbage lovers will enjoy it.. It’s a keeper.. :)

Bandha Kopi r Torkari - Bangali Style Cabbage tossed with spices...

Naa I did not make something else for him this time.. He said he would eat it.. :P & he did fill it up between roti as a wrap & carried it for his lunch.. I hope he eats it.. :)

Ingredients: (Serves 6)   Preparation Time: 30 mins
Cabbage – Half of a large one, finely chopped into small bits
Ginger paste – 1 tbsp, I prepared fresh paste
Potatoes – 2 medium-sized, peeled & cubed,
Tomato – 1 large, chopped
Turmeric powder – half tsp
Cumin powder – 2 tsp
Red Chilli powder – 1 tsp or adjust based on your taste
Green chilli’s – 2, slit or finely chopped
Sugar – 1 tsp
Bay leaves – 2
Garam masala – 1/4 tsp
Mustard oil/Vegetable Oil – 2 tbsp
Peas – half a cup

Chop the cabbage as fine as you can....

Boil the cabbage with a little turmeric powder and salt till the cabbage is cooked but it should still be firm. Drain out the excess water and keep the cabbage aside.

Firmly cooked & drained cabbage bits...

When the cabbage is getting cooked you can begin to prepare the masala. Heat oil in a deep bottom fry pan/pot, fry the diced potatoes till they are half done, with 1 tbsp of oil and keep aside, take out the potatoes, make sure you leave any left over oil back in the pan.

Place the pot back on heat; add 1 tbsp of oil, when the oil is hot, add the ginger paste, green chilli’s, bay leaf, cumin powder, red chilli powder, turmeric powder, salt to taste and just sauté. Add the chopped tomatoes after 2 -3 mins and cook. Add sugar when the tomatoes are half-cooked. Continue to cook until the ingredients merge together and turn to a paste. Keeps sprinkling warm water incase the mixture becomes too dry while cooking.

Next add the half-fried potatoes and cook 10 mins until the oil separates out from the paste.

Add the half fried potatoes..

Add the cabbage after this and stir to mix all the ingredients well. Let the mixture cook by itself for another 5 mins or so. Check every couple of minutes. Check & adjust salt. Remember we have cooked the cabbage with salt, so add accordingly. We need to cook the potatoes completely. Sprinkle some water if the potatoes need to cook further. Once the potatoes have softened its almost ready.

Cook in simmered flame to evaporate any water content present but keep tossing the contents at regular intervals so that the contents do not stick to the base of the pan/pot.

You can now add the peas and let the whole curry to dry as much as possible without letting it to stick to the bottom.

When it becomes almost dry, add little garam masala, mix well, turn off heat.

Serving Suggestions:
Serve hot with rice or roti.. I had them with some hot paratha’s & it was wonderful.. :)

Bandha Kopi r Torkari - Bangali Style Cabbage tossed with spices...

It’s hot, spicy, sour, with just a hint of sweetness.. :) all flavours perfectly balanced.. :)

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