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Turkey..!!! A must visit for a traveller who is a foodie as well..! Guest Post!

Heylo there..! I know it has been a long long time.. ! Hope you guys have been awesome at what you do.. I’m sure about that!

Long long ago there lived a food blogger who used to blog at her space called Keli Paan… since the time she converted her passion to work, she has not been around much on her blog..! This for sure would have refreshed your memory about me..! Most of you know that starting a new venture is not a joke.. You really need to work hard for the venture to flourish..! That is the reason you do not see me around here.

All of us blogger stumble into other wonderful blogs nearly everyday..! One such thing happened to a fellow blogger James, he landed on my blog one very fine day and he contacted me since he liked what he saw… We connected and a guest post discussion was on.. I must admit I kept James hanging for quite a while, since I’m really caught up with my baking profession. Anyways, let us get to know a about James, in his own words – “James Anderson is from London and is a reader and blogger interested in Sports, Travel, Fitness and Health.While browsing for the same i got something really unique and informative as ( so thought to contribute here. Currently working on Turkey Visas. Coffee drinker and a passionate Writer. And a big fan of Barclay’s Premier League Football Club, Arsenal .” :).

As many of you know that I love to travel, one of the biggest reasons I love to travel is because of the new food options that come along with it.. ! James in this post will share with us some wonderful insights about Turkey. When we were in the UK, visiting Turkey was on the cards.. but then I had to pass then. This post now reminds me, how much both K & I wanted to visit Turkey..! Over to James….

Turkey – The Best Food Destination in the Middle East West.

We are all used to the visions of Turkey with its sunny beaches, historic architecture and party venues. But Turkey is also a premier venue for those for whom tourism is all about the food. What are the best Food Experiences that Turkey Provides? The best thing about Turkish food is that it is produced using the best of fresh ingredients, including nuts, seeds, and vegetables; it’s a very healthy way to eat.

• Manti is a delicious traditional dish that you will need to venture off the beaten tourist track to find. Mincemeat is encased in dough which is boiled at a very high temperature and served with yoghurt poured over the top. Its well worth finding a local eatery that serves it, and you will have the added benefit of sampling the local culture and meeting local people.

• If you are busy seeing the sights but you still want to sample some Turkish cuisine, Borek are the perfect snack. These pastry slices layered with cheese, spinach, or beef, are relatively inexpensive and readily available from most pastry sellers.

• Sac Kavurma is tastiness with heat. Served over a flame at the table it is an enticing mixture of meat with peppers, onion, and tomatoes. The colors are rich and beautiful adding to the eating experience.

• Many people visit the local kebab house on a Saturday night but a traditional Testi kebab eaten on Turkish soil, is a completely different experience. The delicacy originated in the Cappadocia Region but its popularity has spread country wide. You don’t miss out on any of the taste as it is brought to you in the clay pot in which it is cooked; a perfect mix of meat, peppers, vegetables, and onions. A City of Food Experiences Istanbul is one of the most popular Turkish destinations; either for longer stays or for a short break. The food experiences of the city are something to be savored.

• If you are on a self-catering break, and you are felling adventurous, a visit to one of the city’s fish markets may be in order; add some taste from the Egyptian Spice Bazaar and you have a meal to remember.

• For food on the go sample the Turkish version of the bagel; the simit is a ring of chewy sesame seed covered bread that is perfect for taste on the move.

• Turkish coffee (Turk kahvesi) has a flavor all its own. It’s perfect as a meal accompaniment, or on its own. The beverage is brewed as it should be savored, slowly. This process brings out the provocative flavor.

• They may sound a bit basic but fasulye (beans) are anything but a staple on most Turkish restaurant menus, they are high in flavor and a delight to eat.

• If you have a sweet tooth try a pudding with a certain panache to its simplicity. Finn &Mac is basically a baked rice pudding; a mixture of rice, sugar and corn starch in a simple but beautiful combination. If your mouth is now watering grab your passports and your Turkish visas and head off to Turkey to sample the produce first hand.


I’m sure those of you who have visited Turkey will have some more interesting bits to add to what James had to say…. So comment away guys! :) Cheers till next time..!



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4 responses

  1. We’ve heard all about Turkey and it is on our list of places to visit! The food scene is known to be good there but James made everything sound even better!

    July 9, 2014 at 4:50 pm

    • I know.. Didn’t he.. :) so much easier now.. 😊

      July 9, 2014 at 6:00 pm

  2. And no, we’ve not forgotten you, Anitha! :) I keep seeing those wonderful things that you bake for people! It is indeed difficult to be doing what you are doing but so great that you are pursuing your passion. We’ll always be around here! :D

    July 9, 2014 at 4:52 pm

  3. Turkey is my number one place to visit, I already love Turkish food, but am curious to see a country that is situated between Europe, Asia and Middle-East :-)

    November 18, 2014 at 5:08 pm

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